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Affiliate/Traffic Manager


От кандидата мы ожидаем:


  • Хорошие коммуникативные навыки, опыт нетворкинга
  • Опыт работы от двух лет на позиции affiliate/traffic manager
  • Опыт работы с вебмастерами
  • Понимание основных каналов привлечения трафика
  • Желание развивать новое направление и делать его успешным


Будет плюсом:


  • Опыт развития и работы над трекинг-системой для работы с аффилиатами
  • Предыдущий практический опыт работы на позиции SEO/PPC-специалиста
  • Налаженные контакты с веб-мастерами
  • Понимание того, как оптимизировать партнерские отношения для повышения их эффективности


Основные задачи:


  • Поиск и привлечение новых партнеров
  • Выстраивание долгосрочных отношений с существующими партнерами, их вовлечение и удержание
  • Анализ трафика от партнеров
  • Исследование рынка, конкурентных партнерских программ
  • Нетворкинг, участие в партнерских мероприятиях
  • Определение требований в системе работы с партнерами и их реализация совместно с командой

Pros of working with us

Work routine
We take care of our employees’ health
Here we compensate for the health insurance expenses and sports activities. We do yoga and meditation right in the office. Moreover, we care about employees’ mental health as well: our corporate psychologist is always ready to address any mental health issues.
Technological and green office
Our office is a comfy and open space with many comfy green zones for work. Numerous coffee points are also here for the employees.
English lessons and online\offline libraries
All our employees can attend English lessons for free. There is also a corporate library with all the new and trendy specialized literature.
Rest and entertainment in the office
Our employees can have some rest in the comfy lounge zone, or they can eat their lunch in a cozy dining room. Moreover, each of our specialists may relax and break from work tasks in our entertainment zone with PlayStation, ping-pong, or foosball.
Fun corporate parties and teambuilding activities
We not only enjoy working together but also – like to have fun as one big team. We have amazing and loud parties, go camping, cycle, having movie nights with a hookah right in the office.
We have our own parking space
We have our own covered parking lot (where you can even recharge your electro-car also). Moreover, our employees can use corporate electric scooters and bicycles.
Minimum of bureaucracy and flat hierarchy
Our (project) managers are always open, willing to discuss and implement any bright idea.
Unlimited professional growth and career development
We help our employees to build and realize one’s professional development plan.
Attending specialized events
We are always ready to compensate specialized conferences, seminars, courses and other events in Ukraine and abroad.
Study with us
We constantly arrange educational events for specialists in the marketing and\or IT spheres. For this, we try to invite professionals in the sphere from both our and other companies.
Paid leave and sick leaves
We compensate employees for both paid leaves and sick leaves.
Flexible work schedule
Our employees can plan their working time on their own. The beginning of the working day is flexible, no limited lunchtime, and you can also work from home!