Govitall is an international company, but most of our employees work in Ukraine. Here are our families, our homes, our whole life. We condemn russia’s aggression – this is a real genocide of the Ukrainian people. There is no justification for the actions of the russian occupiers. And there is no time to think, so we act.

From the very first day of the invasion, the position of our company is to support Ukraine!

Our teams make their informational and volunteer contributions.

At present, all possible connections and resources against the war are involved in Govitall:

  • Our men joined the armed forces of Ukraine or local territorial defense units
  • Marketers teamed up with colleagues across the country to target advertising that broadcasts the true essence of what is happening on кussian social networks and information portals
  • Our company has applied to join the All-Ukrainian IT Army
  • Together we are waging an information war against the aggressor: ban propaganda channels in Telegram and Youtube, help ddos-it russian sites
  • Many of us are engaged in personal volunteering – helping with money, coordinating the delivery of food and medicine to those in need, rescuing abandoned animals, and so on.

On behalf of the company, we donate for various needs of the armed forces of Ukraine, help volunteers on a targeted basis and as needed, and buy everything our soldiers need.

And most importantly, our rear is securely covered. Govitall group is now confidently on its feet and we are trying to ensure that the situation in Ukraine does not affect either our business or our employees.

Our actions:

  • We have created a chat in Telegram, where we broadcast the main messages, as well as help each other, share information and support each other with popular memes
  • From the first day of the aggression, our HR team has been helping to find transport and housing for those employees who leave the regions where active hostilities are taking place.
  • We paid wages for February ahead of schedule and are ready to help those who urgently need financial support
  • We quickly developed a policy for those who joined the territorial defense units and the armed forces of Ukraine

Despite a slight correction in some areas, our business feels stable, showing good growth rates. For us now the main thing is stability, and we have it, since all of our clients are abroad. The main business task now is to focus on the  customer service quality.

We are now more motivated and focused than ever, ready to fight to victory and rebuild our country.

Glory to Ukraine!