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Oleg Gordeev
Chief Operating Officer
"I am interested in captivating and complicating tasks. With a challenge! – Oleg says. – We have eternal kaizen! Not only that: we optimize our inner processes while making our company better. There is no place for encrusted bureaucracy here: our decisions are quick and we are always ready to test and implement new approaches. Yes, sometimes we make mistakes; but we always draw conclusions and move forward."
Oleg came to the company 7 years ago, when the immense inner ERP system needed to be rewritten. That meant that a new team was supposed to be gathered to rewrite the complicated system carefully. Since any changes could critically influence the company’s performance and final results, the task itself was of utmost importance and difficulty. One day, Oleg even spent the whole night in the Customer Support department to restore the database in time after unsuccessful system updates. But we did it! Now the new system is working and gives amazing results; even though we continue improving it.

In 2017 – 2018 Oleg was holding the post of Chief Product Officer and was managing several domestic products.

Since 2019 Oleg has been working as a Chief Operating Officer. His duties are to arrange effective work of academic business and service departments. There are many new challenges ahead, and there is even more to come.
Nataliia Panchenko
Project Manager, Translate
Nataliia came to Govitall as Acquisition Manager in 2016. Her task was to build a team from scratch and relaunch the company’s paid marketing channels.
In 2017, Nataliia headed the marketing team as Marketing Director. Together with colleagues, they changed the marketing strategy of the company, which influenced the development of marketing and a significant increase in revenue.

In 2019, Nataliia was directly involved in changing the structure of the company. The marketing department as such did not exist back then, and all marketers were divided into project teams. It was a phase of the rapid growth of the company and a real challenge for everyone, but it yielded excellent results.

At the end of 2019, Nataliia headed the R&D department when the company began to look for new areas and opportunities for scaling up the business models. But due to the pandemic in 2020, the project was temporarily closed, and Nataliia left the company because she did not see opportunities for her further professional development.

In 2021, Nataliia returned to Govitall and headed the Translate project. So, she said hello to new challenges, ambitious goals, and professional development! And for us, this has become another proof that our company is not just a place to work, but also an environment of co-thinkers, a place that like-minded people always come back to.
Iryna Koliadenko
Product Marketing Manager
“I love my team and always come to work with pleasure! People are my main strength!”– says Iryna happily.
Ira joined the Govitall team in 2019 as Junior Product Manager. She has been responsible for the Paraphrasing area. She quickly dealt with the first challenges and within six months got a new position – Product Marketing Manager.

In six months, she also has started working with the Admission area, and thus covered the entire product marketing of the Go Unit direction. These niches include the full cycle of study and graduation: we help students from entering a college/university and till writing dissertations.

Now Ira and her team are developing comprehensive global plans. "However, I have been working with the niches for a long time already, I still find something interesting and learn a lot. I can say that I am a huge fan of my work" – Iryna shares her emotions with us.
Evheniy Hrynevych
SEO Tech Lead
“I’m truly enjoying this!”– Evheniy shares his emotions with us. In 7 years of work in the company as an SEO specialist, he has perfectly studied the sphere: he fought hard with the constant innovations of Google, overcame algorithms, and maintained the ranking of sites. In 2016, he became SEO Team Lead, and in 2020 – SEO Tech Lead.
Evheniy has joined the company in 2014 as an SEO specialist of the academic education team. Even though within the company an employee can develop in any direction - we support such initiatives of our colleagues, he confidently and forever chose the SEO niche for himself. And he improved his skills and learned new promotion tools.

"I like that there is no bureaucracy and excessive control in the company. Being respecting the humanness of the leadership towards employees. And also, the fact that in any situation, even if you are mistaken, you can start from the beginning or try something completely new", says Evheniy.
Andriy Krasovskyi
“Cool, friendly team – this is what I’m dependent on. Our team’s working as one, always ready to help. I also appreciate that there’s minimum bureaucracy, and I can always get what I need”, says Andriy.
Andriy Krasovskyi, a SEO specialist in the mental health area, knows how to create an online platform from scratch that will be top of the page in Google search results within six months.

Andrii joined the team in September 2020. His task was to create and boost a website of one of the flagman projects of the company. All that he got at the beginning was only one domain. That was a real professional challenge because the market itself is highly competitive: big companies, big budgets, big opportunities.

For 6 months, he has been working with Google algorithms and testing various tools. And he did it! In the end, even authoritative world media such as Vogue, New York Times, Oprah Magazine have written about the project.

But Andriy did not stop there. Now he has been facing new ambitious challenges. And getting to the top for keywords or appear on the first Google search page are just a few beginning steps before real success.
Vasyl Romanenko
Copywriter tech lead
Vasyl joined Govitall 9 years ago, while still studying at the university. It was the first company in his career, so all the tasks were interesting and exciting. Vasyl was engaged in copywriting for our education area.
In 2015, Vasyl realized that he stayed for too long: he wanted to try himself in another company and a new field. He worked in the SEO sphere and front-end development, however, returned to the origins, namely content making.

In 2018, he came back to Govitall being experienced and knowledgeable, and now he had what to compare with. "In Govitall, I’ve got used to the atmosphere of freedom and trust, there’s always a minimum of control. I can be productive when there’s no one controlling me. I carry out tasks without strict control, and I know how to manage my time.", - says Vasyl. He returned to the same position as a copywriter but brought a lot of new ideas that were implemented. And they worked out!

In 2020, Vasyl became a Copywriter tech lead, but he still has a lot of ideas and is ready for new career achievements.
Oleg Shovtuta
“I like that in Govitall I can improve and develop in what I am interested in and always find what I am looking for. I appreciate the company for the work atmosphere, openness, people, and team.”
Oleg has a unique background and a very interesting story. For 7.5 years, he managed to try himself in different fields: he came to the company as a Customer Support Representative, worked in the Quality Assurance Department, and headed the Customer Support Department. And that’s only within 6 years!

But the happiness was incomplete – Oleg dreamed of working as a designer, even studied design on his own. And finally, he decided to try myself in a completely new role. There were some obstacles, but the dream was stronger than any difficulty – Oleg got the desired design position! Since 2020, he has been doing what he loves and what inspires him most.

"I will continue to develop in design and look for an application for this in the company, I will move along with Govitall", - says Oleg passionately.
Яна Петренко
Product Owner
Не у каждой девушки есть сформированный список ценностей, да еще такой, как у Яны Петренко, Product Owner в команде Growth team!
Яна уже имела опыт создания собственного стартапа, когда пришла в Govitall в 2020. На должности Junior Marketing Manager в Product team она отвечала за удержание существующих клиентов, где тестировала различные гипотезы. Это был настоящий вызов. Но она быстро включилась во все процессы, и прокачала не только свои hards, но и softs.

"У меня продуктовое мышление, я мечтаю сделать из нашего продукта love mark! Мне нравятся стратегические и аналитические задачи, которые требуют внимания к цифрам и деталям, вместе с творческими вызовами и нестандартным подходом", - говорит о себе Яна.

Яна пробовала себя в разных областях: экспериментировала с ведением сайтов, занималась копирайтингом и e-mail маркетингом, даже немного верстала.

Недавно Яна стала Product Owner в новообразованной команде Growth team. "Это большая ответственность и я очень благодарна компании за доверие! Для меня это возможность попробовать что-то новое и непосредственно влиять на результат", - радуется Яна.

Growth team занимается эквизишеном, тестом новых воронок, созданием новых и поддержкой старых брендов, а также кайфует от того, что делает, руководствуясь принципом - be a little extra и 110% отдачи. "Я пришла в Govitall за-за общих ценностей - еще на первом собеседовании я увидела, что у нас они совпадают. И рада работать с командами классных специалистов, которые вдохновляют меня на развитие и движение вперед".


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Pros of working with us

Work routine
We take care of our employees’ health
Here we compensate for the health insurance expenses and sports activities. We do yoga and meditation right in the office. Moreover, we care about employees’ mental health as well: our corporate psychologist is always ready to address any mental health issues.
Technological and green office
Our office is a comfy and open space with many comfy green zones for work. Numerous coffee points are also here for the employees.
English lessons and online\offline libraries
All our employees can attend English lessons for free. There is also a corporate library with all the new and trendy specialized literature.
Rest and entertainment in the office
Our employees can have some rest in the comfy lounge zone, or they can eat their lunch in a cozy dining room. Moreover, each of our specialists may relax and break from work tasks in our entertainment zone with PlayStation, ping-pong, or foosball.
Fun corporate parties and teambuilding activities
We not only enjoy working together but also – like to have fun as one big team. We have amazing and loud parties, go camping, cycle, having movie nights with a hookah right in the office.
We have our own parking space
We have our own covered parking lot (where you can even recharge your electro-car also). Moreover, our employees can use corporate electric scooters and bicycles.
Minimum of bureaucracy and flat hierarchy
Our (project) managers are always open, willing to discuss and implement any bright idea.
Unlimited professional growth and career development
We help our employees to build and realize one’s professional development plan.
Attending specialized events
We are always ready to compensate specialized conferences, seminars, courses and other events in Ukraine and abroad.
Study with us
We constantly arrange educational events for specialists in the marketing and\or IT spheres. For this, we try to invite professionals in the sphere from both our and other companies.
Paid leave and sick leaves
We compensate employees for both paid leaves and sick leaves.
Flexible work schedule
Our employees can plan their working time on their own. The beginning of the working day is flexible, no limited lunchtime, and you can also work from home!